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U R the Church

a study of Ephesians 4-6

Sept/Oct, 2014

 It’s an oldie, but in a day of texting shortcuts it still works. 

Who is the church?

Look at the two middle letters of the word ‘church’ to find the answer:

U R!

And what R U to be and do as the church?

UR’ purpose is the same as the whole church together: to declare by your word and to demonstrate by your life the character and the work of Jesus Christ who lives within. U R to talk about the reality of a life-changing encounter with a living Christ, and to demonstrate that change by an unselfish love-filled life.

The second half of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians equips the individual Christian for sharing the gospel of Christ: with one another, with the world, through our relationships, and by the spiritual battles we wage. 



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