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Heavenly Father, I’ve got this question…is the name of our summer sermon series at CTS.

Being Christian doesn’t imply the absence of doubt or perplexity. But it does mean that we will wrestle with our doubts so we are not defenseless against the experience of tragedy and disappointment or the probing question of a sincere skeptic. In June and July we will address the kind of questions that seem to fall between doubt and belief, skepticism and faith.

By the way, the questions we will use come from an interesting source: our CTS Holy Communion training course in which both parents and their confirmation-age youth are asked to write on a card the completion of this sentence: “If I could ask God anything I’d ask…

Heavenly Father, I’ve got this question…

June 22: Why Do You Allow Pain and Suffering?

June 29: Does [My] Life Have a Purpose?

July 13: Why Does It Seem as though the Good Guys lose and the Bad Guys Win?

Dave Andrus guest preacher

July 20: Isn’t Christianity Too Narrow for Our Culture?

July 27: Is Your Word (Bible) to Be Taken Literally?        

August 3: How Can There Be a Hell if You are So Loving?

July 4 Worship
dave andrus
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